Next Generation is a movement of students determined to experience life, restore hope and love people to life. Next Generation is a place where our youth can belong before they believe.

As coaches, we seek to create an amazing environment of learning and fun where children remember the experience and a scripture. We accomplish this using the orange curriculum. Combining church (Light) and Home (Heart) we can create a greater impact than just two individual influence.

The Church + Home = Greater Impact Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange


Stay informed and get involved with all Amazing Kids' happenings. On Facebook, we share our weekly children’s prayers and Sunday video experiences.  When you subscribe to our YouTube channel your child will be able to experience their level of teaching and worship where ever they go.  Download the parent cue app ( available at the app store and google play).  It gives you access to expert-reviewed resources to help you be the parent you want to be. It cues you to have simple & meaningful moments with your children and it will fit seamlessly into the daily rhythm of your life.

Consists of all children 6 weeks through 23 months old. Toddlers consist of children 24 months- 3 years. This area is characterized by low teacher/child ratios, gentle play, and a place where faith is introduced to babies and toddlers through fingerplays, music & movement, and simple songs.
Consists of children 3 years and 1 month through 5years (if they have not started elementary). This area is characterized by medium teacher/child ratios, active playing where the bible is taught through stories, songs with hand-motions, videos, and crafts.
Consists of 1st-5th graders (5yrs-12). This area is characterized by high-impact energy, fun and engaging teaching/worship, and intentional small groups. A fun environment is the setting for kids to build strong relationships with each other and their leaders, all while learning about God.


What you need to know about our Amazing Kids!
It's my first time at Amazing Kids! What do I do when I arrive?
We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start of the worship experience to make sure your kids get welcomed and appropriately settled. First-time families are asked to complete the welcome desk registration process or complete this form. After completing the registration form, parents will be able to check-in their children, receive a name tag for each child and a claim tag to retain (a number for each child). Parents will be directed to the appropriate classroom where they can drop off their children.
Will my child's photo be taken?
By registering your child for Amazing Kids Ministry, you authorize that your child may be photographed, filmed, and used in the video, print, and web presentation.
What is your check-in/security policy on Sunday mornings?
All children birth-5th grade will be checked in at a computer kiosk and must be picked up at their classroom by a parent holding a security receipt (issued at check-in)

  • All guests should check-in at the main Children's Check-In located at building D3 and D4.
  • First-time guests are asked to fill out a guest registration card, which gives us essential information about you and your child.
  • Please disclose any allergies your child/children might have with the person at the Check-In station.
  • Parents will always have the option of leaving a cell phone number if they need to contact a parent while their child is in our care.
  • If your child/children has belongings, we are happy to provide a label during chick-in.
  • Please communicate any critical or helpful information to your child's teacher each Sunday.
What will my child be doing while I am at the worship experience?
Your children will be edified, equipped, and engaged during the amazing kids’ weekend experience. Our coaches will lead your children into a meaningful, fun, and powerful learning experience that teaches the character of Jesus Christ while interacting with their peers. We utilize leaders, interns, hosts, storytellers, small and large group leaders to teach the gospel. Your children will be encouraged to be a part of worship. They will play games, complete crafts, and have godly discussions. Your child might even play a role in a story. These are just a few things your child will be involved in during their experience.
What happens If my child has a need?
When you check in your children, you will receive a parent tag with three numbers or letters for each child. If your child needs you at any point during the experience, you will be paged using the 3-digit number or letters on the screen in the sanctuary. We also can send you text message you if you provide us with this information (keep your phone on vibrate during the service so that you can receive these). Present your parent tag to upon arrival to children's area.  This tag identifies that you have permission to pick up the child with the corresponding label.