#EDU8AM Experience Friday, 11.24.23

Nov 24, 2023    Ms. Yolanda Pope

Welcome to your morning Dynamic Devotion & Prayer. We are live at 8:00am each morning. Everyday we will give you Inspiration, Motivation and Application. We are here every morning because..."Your breakthrough is on the other side of your consistency. Therefore, apply the Word of God Today to live life a better Way!

The music you hear in the background is "Sold Out" by Hezekiah Walker & LFC.


Here is what's happening at Amazing!

1. Get A-Tribe Life Groups - Ladies last night tonight at 7:15pm

2. Made You Blush - MADE Sisterhood night Dec 8th!

3. BGFC - Best Gift For Christ - Our Christmas miracle offering, prepare to finish the year in miracle status.

4. CWTA - Christmas With The Arts - Dec 24th @11am!

5. NYEL - New Year's Eve Day Party at Amazing - Dec 31st @11am

6. HUNGER24 - The 2024 Hunger Revival - Week of Jan 21st!



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