This series of lessons is designed to help the believer see differently about what they have presented to God as prayers.  When we honor God for who He really is, it does not automatically change the level of your conversation, but the level of your request.  
     Too many believers are making request unto God and using their faith, but their faith has a glitch in it that keeps causing undesirable results. It’s largely due to the misunderstanding of Romans 12:3.  How you see you, God, and your request are all a part of the results.
     1.  How you see you is critical in making your request known to God.
     2.  How you see God is critical in making your request.
     3.  How you see your request is critical for your results.

How many people want to know, how you are supposed to see God when making a request.  Because truth be told, many of us have prayed and worried, prayed and cried, prayed and prayed…all because within us, we couldn’t see it.