Amazing Kids: Pre-School

This area is characterized by low teacher-to-child ratios, gentle play, and a place where faith is introduced through fingerplays, music & movement, and simple songs.

December Pre-School Experience Series

Amazing Kids: K-5

This area is characterized by medium  teacher-to-child ratios and active play where the bible is taught through stories, songs with hand-motions, videos, and  crafts.

December Kid's Experience Series

Amazing Kids: PreTeen

This area is characterized by high-impact energy, fun and engaging teaching/worship, and intentional small groups.  An environment for kids to build  strong relationships with each other and their leaders, all while learning about God.

December PreTeen Experience Series

Stay informed and get involved with all Amazing Kids' happenings.  On Facebook, we share our weekly children’s prayers and Sunday video experiences.  When you subscribe to our YouTube channel your child will be able to experience their level of teaching and worship wherever they go.  Download  the Parent Cue app (available at the app store and google play).  It gives you access to expert-reviewed resources to help you to be the parent you want to be.  It cues you to have simple and meaningful moments with your children and it will fit seamlessly into the daily rhythm of your life.

Our Vision
All People are born receptive to love, kindness, and hope.  Our vision at Amazing Church is to RESTORE HOPE AND LOVE PEOPLE TO LIFE with biblical teaching and deep care for everyone.