Hey Amazing Family,
We are kicking off 2023 Tribe Life with large group sessions.  These will occur each Wednesday @ 7:15 PM.  We have something for everyone, so find your Tribe and jump in.  We can't wait to see you!

Come join us every 1st Wednesday @7:15 PM at Amazing Church
for the "MPACT Huddle".  Bring your brothers, your sons, and all your friends!
Come join us every 2nd Wednesday @7:15 PM at Amazing Church
for "MADE Together".
You’re probably thinking that this is like our Friday nights, it’s not. This is a part of Tribe Life and it will be a bit different. So grab your girls and meet us there. We can’t wait to see YOU!
Calling All Couples (Married or Not),
Come join us every 3rd Wednesday @7:15 PM at Amazing Church
for Relationship Night, "Conversations With Couples"!
All young adults ages 18-35,
Come join us at N42 Tribe Life, "The Kick Back".  This goes down every 4th Wednesday @7:15 PM at Amazing Church.  You don't want to miss this!